Green Bathroom Tile Ideas

15+ Stunning Bathroom Tile Ideas To Try

You will install durable material with bathroom tile ideas. Tile is painless to clean and wash and strong enough against humidity making it useful flooring choice for bathrooms. You can create an exciting model and designs to install bathroom floor tile as there is a wide range of colors you can find in the market. To help with extensive bathroom tiling task, make sure you practice with diminutive projects first, study installation steps, or employ tiling experts as it can be a difficult home improvement task with tiling.

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Effervescent colors

Strawberry red, royal blue, bright lavender or sunny yellow is an effervescent color that would be ideal for your bathroom floor tile though it is peaceful and welcoming with natural tile colors. Create a lovely disparity against white walls and bring happy and fun feel into a bathroom with bright colors of bathroom tile ideas. Make sure you’ll still be pleased in a few years with a color you choose as it is complicated to replace the tile. Your preschooler will shortly outgrow the stage when he prefers a tractor-theme bathroom so installing bright green tile is not the best choice.

Earth Tones

Neutral furniture, metallic hardware, wicker garnishing, and floor rugs and towels in beige, white, or gray colors can match well and make an affectionate and hospitable setting with Earth-tone bathroom tile. Match the spa-like, peaceful air in your room with natural slate, travertine, marble, or granite tile. It can bear a resemblance to natural rock in a range of earth patterns and tones with ceramic, Vinyl, and porcelain bathroom tile ideas. To prevent slips and collapse, keep your tiled surface dry and use rubber-backed rugs or mats as mainly bathroom tile is slick. You can choose the one with a slip-resistant textured surface such as travertine tile.

Oblique and Borders Tile

You can make a resemblance to a skewed diamond-shaped or diagonal stripes pattern when install tile at an angle floor tile or the boundary of the bathroom to make a border. Especially if you have a small bathroom, to make the floor doesn’t look too hectic, limiting your tile to a few variants is the best when installing tile at an angle.


Provide an arty aspect and visually prominent look to a bathroom design with mosaic patterns. Generate a non-even floor design with a range of colors tiles in 4-inch or 1-inch dimension. Synchronize with your bathroom pattern, with a geometric shape, flower, star or tree shape when arranging them as you can use a random order to install the tiles. Bring a Spanish, Mediterranean, or Southwest atmosphere with bathroom tile ideas in the mosaic bathroom floor.