Artsy Bedroom Wall Art

15 Artsy Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

You can set the mood for the space with bedroom wall art. Art is a personal though just like beauty. Somebody else might not prefer in any way what you find interesting in art. Remember the mood you want to make in your bedroom as choosing a wall hanging or work of art has no firm and quick rules. Add an atmosphere of getaway or serene retreat to your bedroom with delicate tones and pieces. Do not pick art that clash with your room’s ornamental color design and style.

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Enhance your space

Emphasize the theme of your decor or give a dark room a pop of color with hanging bedroom wall art. on top of the bed, hang a still life modern wall tapestry that replicate the colors of black, gray, rust, brown and beige of a contemporary bedroom that featured taupe walls and dark gray shiny furnishings.


Determine the wall where your piece of art will be hung. Make sure the size of the artwork is scaled to the room’s dimension and architectural features. The art might vanish in the bedroom if it is too tiny, and it will looks out of place and might overwhelm the bedroom if it is outsized. Before you buy wall hanging art for your bedroom, carry a tape measure with you to measure it when shopping for it so it fits your room perfectly.

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Consider metal

Replicate your bedspread geometric patterns on a metal scrollwork panel over your bed with copy patterns in metal sculptures. Create a distinct statement in a bedroom in a contemporary or simple home with hanging delicate sculpted metalwork. Such pieces as the branches of a tree, beaten copper plate, or arms of waving grass are nonessential features which the rendering exposes the core of a matter you should remove in minimalism bedroom wall art. Add your interior decoration both an elemental and texture feel with Metal.

Matching colors

Complement the art colors to your bedroom colors to add interest to walls. Choose a piece of art that uses analogous, complement, or monochromatic colors. Complementary colors stand opposed each other in primary and secondary color wheel for example, yellow and purple, orange and blue, and red and green. Analogous colors sit close to each other, such as, yellow, orange, and red. Monochromatic colors stand for the matching color in lighter tints or darker shades. A bedroom matched in green tints and shades is complemented by bedroom wall art hanging that features diverse shades of green plants and red botanicals.