Farmhouse Dining Table

10 Vintage Farmhouse Dining Table Ideas

Farmhouse dining table has existed since a very long time ago. This type of dining table started to gain fame in 1960s when many american family need bigger dining table for their family. Since then, throughout the years, this type of dining table has its ups and downs in home interior design. No matter what happen, this dining table has always had its loyal fan. Many modern families nowadays still find farmhouse dining table nice and great for their house. Its presence can also be seen in some commercial places, such as restaurants, cafes, and even bookstores. This fact tells us that farmhouse dining tables is quite versatile. Not only is this type of dining table nice for private residence, but this table is also suitable for commercial and public spaces.

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Farmhouse Dining Table : Rustic Versus Contemporary Look

Nowadays, farmhouse dining table is available in many different designs, styles, and even color. One thing that will never change from this type of dining table is its shape. The main feature of farmhouse table is its rectangular shape. Based on its history in the past, this type of dining table is commonly used for serving festive foods and meals. That is why, the shape of the table is rectangular so that it can hold more people in it. There are two designs of farmhouse table nowadays. They are rustic farmhouse table and contemporary farmhouse table. The easiest way to differentiate both tables is by looking at their color. The rustic one will maintain the natural color of the wood. On the other hand, the contemporary one is painted.

Unique Set Of Farmhouse Dining Table And Chairs

As the time goes by, farmhouse dining table has also gone through some innovations. It can be seen from the set of the farmhouse dining chairs and table in today’s design. Some of the set are very creative. One of the most favorite one is the one with different sets of dining chairs. In one side of the table, the table is accompanied by some single dining chairs. In the other side of the table, there is one long armless dining bench. This kind of innovation has made the farmhouse set more attractive and stylish. The feet of the farmhouse table is also available in many forms and some of them are very unique. This is some reasons why farmhouse dining table is the right option for your dining room.