Leather Small Sectional Sofa For Small Space

12 Small Sectional Sofa For Tiny Living Space

If you have a smaller room but want to make the most out of it, without looking like you have nothing, a small sectional sofa might be your best bet. “They’re too large!” You might say to yourself, but you’d be surprised at how many different kinds there are that are perfect for your small area.

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The pattern DOES matter

Most people will look at colors to match things around their house, but they’ll never take into account that the pattern of a sectional really does play into the optical illusion of room size. Bigger and bolder patterns will make the room appear smaller, and make it seem like there’s less couch. When you have a smaller pattern that spreads far across the soda, that area of the floor and wall will look longer.

Think about it in terms of clothes and weight: white makes hips look bigger; black makes bodies look slimmer. This is a great key point to remember when you’re shopping for not only sofas but also area rugs. With that being said, if your space is too small and you want to utilize every bit of furniture you can opt for a solid colored piece for a brighter and bigger appearing room.

The measure, measure, measure

Usually, when an apartment is so small, you may not be able to get the sectional through the doors or up the stairways. Apartments are especially difficult when buying new furniture. It’s always important to measure the width of the door, the width of the smallest part of the staircase and most important, measure the wall or area you’re placing the sectional in.

Corner pieces and size

If you have a corner piece with your section sofa, these will typically make a room appear smaller because of the coziness in size. Instead, rearrange to create a couch and a loveseat type of ottoman in another area of the room.

Closing off the open concept

If you live in a studio that is the pretty open concept but doesn’t play to your apartment’s advantage, you may want to take the sectional and use it to divide the living room and the kitchen. This way you can connect the two in a cozy manner while leaving designated areas.

Minimal furniture pieces

Since your area is small and a sectional sofa can be rather overwhelming in terms of size, it is best to keep furniture pieces at a minimum in these types of areas. A simple coffee table on top of a large, bright area rug can tie in the other pieces without adding multiple chairs.

In conclusion

There are many ways to spice up a small room using large pieces if you think outside of the box! The best part is you can rearrange it whenever you want and have wiggle room at the end of the day. Remember, think in terms of clothes when it comes to colors and prints, and you’ll never have to worry about the size of your room again!